Your Swapfiets service charges

At Swapfiets, we work with a monthly direct debit. You can verify this payment when you register online. Therefore, it is not possible to pay in cash or in the store. 

You can view your current Swapfiets plan and billing history on your invoices in our App. To access your Swapfiets invoices follow the next steps: 

  • Go to the menu in the top right
  • Go to account
  • Go to invoices

Find more information about our service charges below. 

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Understand your billing date

The direct debit will take place during the first week of every month. It is not possible to change the date of payment for your Swapfiets subscription. Haven't seen the withdraw yet? This can have various reasons: 

  • We couldn't make the withdraw: if you that we tried to collect the payment and you have received a payment reminder, we had trouble collecting with your bank. Follow the payment reminder to fulfil the invoice.
  • The withdrawal is later than usual: Since our customers have accounts registered with a number of banks, the withdrawal will not always be on the exact same date. If we haven't deducted the payment from your bank account yet and you haven't received a payment reminder, this is most likely the reason.

Update your payment information

You are able to change your (payment) details through our online customer portal.

You are able to login to your account and change your details by clicking on ‘subscriptions’. You can also download your contract here, see your frame number and redeem your voucher.

To verify your payment details our payment system will withdraw a verification payment. The subscription fee will then be collected from your new account starting the next month.

My first payment is higher than expected

The first payment is collected the month after picking up the bike. This is usually higher than the regular monthly fee. It consists out of 2 parts:
- The payment for the days for month you registered in.
- The pre-payment for the coming month

Furthermore, if you have a subscription that you can cancel monthly, you will also pay a one time fee up to €29,90. 

Every month the direct debit will take place in the first week of the month. Every month there will be prepayment for the current month. For example, on the 1st of June there will be a prepayment for the month of June.

I handed in my bike but I am still charged

Already handed in your bike, but still receiving a charge? This is often due to the last payment.

Swapfiets has a termination period of one month, When you cancel your subscription, you still have to pay for one month, until the end of your contract. This is also the case if you hand your bike in before your end date. It can therefore be the case that you still receive an invoice from us even though your bike is already handed in.

For example, you terminated your account on the 14th of August, then the subscription is active until the 14th of September. This means the final payment is for 14 days of September.

Can I also pay on a yearly basis?

We want to keep things simple and flexible for you. Therefore, this is currently only possible for business subscriptions.

Can someone else pay for my Swapfiets?

Lucky you! That is possible! When you sign up, the person that will pay for you needs to fill out his/her payment details and verify them. This is now the payment method connected to the account.

Do you already have a bike? Then go to to change the payment details in your portal together.

Good to know: the one who is paying needs to be present at the first appointment. 

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