Price Change 2022

Why is my monthly subscription fee higher this month?

On the 30th of June, we sent you an email with the subject line 'our rates are changing'. In this email we informed you about the price change. For more information you can read the FAQs below.

Why are you adjusting prices for your current members?

As you probably know, costs in all aspects of life and the supply chain are currently increasing. As we aim to keep the quality of our products & service consistent we need to adjust our prices.

I subscribed for a minimum contract period of 6 months (loyal membership), when does the price change take effect?

Your monthly price will be changed after your minimum contract period has passed.

What if I don’t agree with the price change?

If you don’t agree with the price change you have the right to cancel your membership with a one month notice*. You can cancel your membership in our app or via Please make sure you hand in your bike (if you have an e-bike: also battery and charger) before or on your contract end date.

*If you signed up for a membership with a minimum contract period of 6 months, the price change will take effect once the first 6 months have passed. If you don’t agree with the price change make sure to cancel your membership one month before the 6 months have passed

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