What can I expect from Swapfiets during the lockdown?

During the lockdown, we try as hard as we can to help you in the best and quickest way possible. Of course we also stick to the government's guidelines. Because of this, you should keep the following in mind:
  • It is required to book an appointment before you go to the store 
By doing this, we can make sure that everybody can keep their distance and we prevent lines in front of the store. You can make your appointment through the app or by contacting our customer service. Please be aware that due to government's restrictions, appointments need to be made 4 hours in advance. 
  • Facemasks are obligated
Wearing a facemask is obligated in all Swapfiets stores. Unfortunately you can not enter our stores without wearing a facemask in any situation. 
  • You can still expect service appointments by car during lockdown
During a service appointment on a location of your choice, there will be enough space to keep our distance. You can make this appointment through our app or by contacting our customer service. Because of the curfew, it is possible that the car has to stop driving a little bit earlier than you would normally expect from us. We hope for your understanding! 

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